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I get tons of questions everyday, wherever I go, on what beauty products I use. I typically stick to the same products since I know what works for me and what is in my price range. I do have a lot of different products I want to start using and even posting about (let me know if you are interested in something like that!), but right now I am just going to list what I use basically everyday. All these products I am listing are great and reasonably priced. If anyone has suggestions on different products, feel free to also let me know! I love trying new things!

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  1. Matte + Poreless Foundation by Maybelline: I have stuck with this brand of foundation for a long time now. It is very reasonably priced and works so well for me. I do not have very oily or dry skin, but this foundation works on normal to oily skin types. It gives me a pretty flawless complexion since it has that matte finish- which I love! I am typically the shade 220 (natural beige), but I sometimes combine it with NYX Olive Foundation Mixer to create a complete match (this helps too if I happen to be tanner and do not have a darker shade). I have an olive undertone which sometimes makes it harder to find a perfect match since some colors have more of a warm or cool undertone.
  2. Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline: I cannot tell you how many people have asked me if my eyelashes are real or not because of how great of a job this mascara does. I swear by this mascara and have been using it for years now. Again, another very cheap item but I absolutely love it and do not use anything else. Gives that luscious full fan effect that can give off an illusion of wearing falsies.
  3. Instant Age Rewind by Maybelline: I use a lot of Maybelline (if you can’t tell lol). I use this for highlighting under the eyes, to erase dark circles, and to highlight the bridge of the nose and the center of the forehead. I feel like there are better products for highlighting these spots on your face then using this, but I have not looked too much into trying something different yet. I do really want to try the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer however, so I might get that next!
  4. RCMA No-Color Powder: I love this stuff. I use this, again, highlighting those same areas on the face as the Instant Age Rewind. This helps set everything into place and gives off a beautiful soft, matte finish. It has no scent and the powder is so fine and light in weight that it barely feels like you put anything on your face. I’ve seen this product used and loved by so many major makeup artists that I had to try it.
  5. Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques: I also own 2 of the brand name Beauty Blenders (which I love), but these makeup sponges are so much cheaper and I usually get the package that comes with a set of 2 for $10 opposed to the Beauty Blender that is $20 for 1. I like these sponges because they have a flat edge which is great for patting down product, making it smooth and the pointed tip on the opposite side for blending in creases or covering imperfections.
  6. Tan Lines by Sinful Colors: This is my go-to color nail polish, really no matter what season it is. It is a very beautiful rosy, taupe color that kind of reminds me of a deeper nude color (or tanned skin, hence the name).
  7. Bare It All by Wet n Wild: This lipstick is literally 99¢ right now! It has such a creamy, smooth consistency and great pigment for being so cheap. I have a few of these lipsticks by Wet n Wild that you can pick up from basically any drug store. I love using the color Bare It All to mix with other nude matte lipsticks and lip liners to add a little shine or just to lighten up the color.
  8. Abu Dhabi by NYX: I love NYX’s soft matte lip creams. I have quite a few of their colors, but Abu Dhabi is by far my favorite. I usually end up wearing most of the time natural lip colors like nudes or lighter browns. NYX lip creams consistency is super smooth and they smell so good! This color is a deep rose-beige.
  9. Iced Cappuccino Cheekers Blush by CoverGirl: I randomly picked this up once since it was on sale and have been using it every since. I do not usually use very pink blushes. I like deeper colors and again usually keep it natural looking. I just found this blush to be my go-to, just to add that touch of pigment but not be overbearing.
  10. Moonlight Pearls Baked Highlighter by E.L.F.: E.L.F. is such an affordable brand with such great products! I have a few highlighters that are more pigmented then this one but if I want something still beautiful but more low key and natural, I’ll use this one. It adds just a perfect touch of highlight. I’ve noticed at first the powder is a little hard, not allowing much product to get onto your brush, but once you break through that layer, it becomes much smoother and powdery.

Please let me know if you guys enjoyed this post and would like me to write more beauty posts! I also have higher end products I’d love to share ♡

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