Christmas in NYC: Look Book

Christmas in NYC: Look Book

Happy 2nd day of Winter! ❅ 

During the holidays, I love to dress festively; throwing on bright reds, plaids, a comfy scarf, and a cabby hat. Red always seems to be a hit during Christmastime.  It’s such a bold and beautiful color that looks great in front of any holiday backdrop, from the city and all its glimmering lights to a woodsy and serene scene of quiet snow laden evergreens. When it comes to Christmastime, red is definitely my favorite statement color while plaid is my favorite statement pattern! This fall/winter season I have been very into cabby hats. They look very stylish and chic!  They seem to match the city very well. Hats have become an accessory I have grown to love. I also enjoy having a mini cross body purse with me so I don’t have anything too big to lug around the city all day while still adorning a cute accent piece.

I’ve also noticed holding a holiday cup seems to be my signature look now, lol. 

3 more days until Christmas ❅ 


Fall Casual: Look Book

It’s Fall y’all! I absolutely love this season! From brisk air, colorful leaves, and pumpkin picking to fires, hot drinks, and cozy socks – I look forward to autumn each year. I have also learned to love & appreciate my birthday month, being that it is in October (as a kid I had always wanted a fun summer birthday for pool parties and going to the beach with friends). Not only is this season gorgeous, but it is also the big opening act for the month of December, which means Christmas! I never try to jump over any holidays or seasons but am always ready for what’s next to come, appreciating it all along the way. I am very excited for Thanksgiving with family next week and all that will entail  ♡  Here below are some favorite articles of clothing I love for the fall time. I have also been trying new editing styles out to see how I want to portray my photos so please let me know what you think!

Let me just add (since it is in 75% of this post) my Starbucks coffee is a Venti Chestnut Praline Latte which is by far my favorite holiday drink by them!

Nailpolish: Maybelline New York Color Show in Wine & Forever! Favorite go-to fall color ♡

This dark grey and white knitted scarf is one of my favorites during the fall. The material is so soft and stretchy and it adds a little contrast to the more colorful and light pieces.

In love with these camel colored, lace-up, combat boots. They can either be folded over (like so ↑) to show the inside fabric which is a super cute brown, cream, & tan sweater material or they can be laced all the way up to lengthen the boot!

One of my favorite fur pom-pom beanies! It is the perfect color cream that is so versatile with the cutest brown and cream colored pom-pom on top!

One of my favorite fall colors is maroon or a burgundy. This shirt I have on reminds me a little of those colors but has more of a deep raspberry look to it. Either way, all these color combos I am just in love with.

I was really feeling the camel color and decided to pair this whole casual look with a camel colored vest. I wanted something comfortable and warm but also outdoorsy since I happen to be in the woods, lol.

Until next time ♡



Berry Picking: Look Book

Something I love to do during the warm & sunny month of June is go to local farms and pick some fresh produce! It is so nice to just relax and take in nature in a different perspective. I absolutely love farms, especially when you can engage in picking your own produce. It is just such a fun and enjoyable experience especially if you have small kids with you as well! My mom and three sisters joined me as we all picked strawberries and cherries. All the plants were so green and healthy which made everything look so fresh! We went late afternoon as the sun was beginning to set which made for some gorgeous lighting in between the cherry trees and also allowed us to replenish ourselves from the heat of the day. It was a lovely afternoon with family ♡ Along with photos of the day, I also wanted to incorporate what I wore. I wanted to keep it simple and light because of the heat, but I really think I looked like I could have worked on the farm, lol! ♥

p.s. I am very sorry on the delay on new posts! 

The very sweet and red strawberries we picked!

Lil’ baby sis ♥

Some super eye appealing nectarines sold at the market!

Dark red sweet cherries ❁

I paired these super cute medium washed denim overalls with a dark blue and white plaid off the shoulder top which I thought was the perfect combo!

I absolutely LOVE floppy sun hats in the summertime! This one was the perfect straw color that blended perfectly with my outfit but still looked casual enough for a farm.

I was not trying to overdo the look with too much jewelry so I just decided to add a few of my gold Alex & Ani bracelets (I wore my favorite one from my collection- the pineapple!!)

All the cherries we took home! ☺


Upstate New York: Look Book

I have taken many road trips to upstate New York all growing up. Now being older and more adventurous, each time I go I enjoying visiting new quaint towns, hiking the Adirondacks, eating at my favorite local cafés, or just enjoying the views from where I am staying. Each time I go is always a new experience and I am never let down by the beautiful mountainous scenery and gorgeous white birch trees to the architecture of the historical buildings and bridges. I really take it all in when I go to different places (if you can’t tell haha). When you are used to living in an area of flat land with views of trees for miles, you really learn to love all the different terrains from other places.

Here I am including just a few photos of when I was exploring the snow laden woods along with what I wore that day. I love this set of photos because of the rustic yet soft vibes they emit ❅


Sweater & lace leg warmers are definitely one of my favorite looks to add on with boots during the winter months. 

This light cream cardigan is one of my favorites. The material is so warm & can match with almost anything!