…with love, Devin

…with love, Devin

I am sad to see Valentine’s Day already over since it is a holiday I really enjoy!  But, I was lucky enough to get some beautiful images taken by my fiancé (who I am so very grateful for ) with the roses he got me. This post is in dedication to him for being the absolute best thing I could ask for & in honor of Valentine’s Day.

It is not everyday you find someone who will take up the hobby of photographing you & actually enjoy it!  Not only does he enjoy photography, but he pushes me to pursue my love of creating content and blogging. It is hard starting anything up, and definitely easy to feel defeated and at a standstill; but, I am constantly reminded by him that I am smart enough, creative enough, and able to push through obstacles by staying persistent and motivated. I am very lucky and blessed immensely to have that kind of support to back me up. 

He is always putting my needs before his, even when I deserve nothing! I am constantly reminded of his ever deepening love for me that I never have to think twice about. It is a wonderful feeling knowing how much someone cares for you during your absolute best and worst times and everything in-between (ever since he was in high school, mind you). 

He has so many loves that align with mine or we learn to bounce off each others likes and interests and begin to grow a passion for them as well (i.e. country music; I absolutely despised this genre of music but he insisted I’d learn to love it and now I do not know how I lived without it, lol). One of our biggest interests we both love is adventure and exploration. We look forward to traveling everywhere and anywhere together, having a forever travel partner to create copious amounts of memories with! Each day is an adventure, whether it is going out to study someplace and drinking lots & lots of iced coffee or planning a getaway out of the country with friends! From the littlest things to the most extravagant- we enjoy our times  together.

He always wants the best for me. I am his number one priority even in his most difficult times, which is something I reflect on time and time again. His selflessness is admirable and I am humbled to have such a wonderful & giving person placed in my life. 

He has so many qualities and characteristics that emulate the love of God. He is compassionate, loving, caring, giving, helpful, forgiving, patient, kind, & gentle; not only to me, but to those around him and to those he has never met before. He has made me grow so much as a person just by the way he lives out his life. Because of him & God working in him, I feel like a better and matured version of myself.

These words just give you a glimpse of the person that he is, because there is so much more. But these attributes do not go unnoticed. I am eternally grateful

Below  are some of the photos he captured of me (aside from the perfume images) ❤

My favorite perfume by Lancôme called La Vie Est Belle- It has a light and fresh smell with a sweetness to it, but still very mature and luxurious 


Happy Thanksgiving

I love the details of the holidays. The food, décor, music, and overall atmosphere! This weekend has been so relaxing and fun with family. I spent the weekend in upstate New York surrounded by mountains and evergreens & where the air is brisk and the night sky is crystal clear with stars. I was hoping for some snow like previous years, but we missed it this time ❆ I like to document the decorating details during the holidays & since my gram’s house already has a cozy cottage feel, it just added to the overall ambiance. This was also my first year making my own apple pie which came out so good! Trips to Plattsburgh, driving up and downhill on winding roads, eating lots of great food (& pies), to watching an excessive amount of Christmas Hallmark movies made for a lovely weekend getaway at gram’s. 

Love my gram’s decorating!

This delicious apple pie recipe here! My favorite ♥

Love some sparkling cider ♥

I absolutely love the color palette of a Thanksgiving dinner! 

Smooth & bold coffee to finish off the night accompanied by pumpkin or apple pie

Hope everyone enjoyed their time with friends and family!



Berry Picking: Look Book

Something I love to do during the warm & sunny month of June is go to local farms and pick some fresh produce! It is so nice to just relax and take in nature in a different perspective. I absolutely love farms, especially when you can engage in picking your own produce. It is just such a fun and enjoyable experience especially if you have small kids with you as well! My mom and three sisters joined me as we all picked strawberries and cherries. All the plants were so green and healthy which made everything look so fresh! We went late afternoon as the sun was beginning to set which made for some gorgeous lighting in between the cherry trees and also allowed us to replenish ourselves from the heat of the day. It was a lovely afternoon with family ♡ Along with photos of the day, I also wanted to incorporate what I wore. I wanted to keep it simple and light because of the heat, but I really think I looked like I could have worked on the farm, lol! ♥

p.s. I am very sorry on the delay on new posts! 

The very sweet and red strawberries we picked!

Lil’ baby sis ♥

Some super eye appealing nectarines sold at the market!

Dark red sweet cherries ❁

I paired these super cute medium washed denim overalls with a dark blue and white plaid off the shoulder top which I thought was the perfect combo!

I absolutely LOVE floppy sun hats in the summertime! This one was the perfect straw color that blended perfectly with my outfit but still looked casual enough for a farm.

I was not trying to overdo the look with too much jewelry so I just decided to add a few of my gold Alex & Ani bracelets (I wore my favorite one from my collection- the pineapple!!)

All the cherries we took home! ☺