Happiest Place on Earth ☆ Walt Disney World

Happiest Place on Earth ☆ Walt Disney World

The magic of Disney was just enough to make the shockingly cold weather in Florida bearable. I’m starting to feel as if the state hates me! This is my second trip to FL, in a row, where the weather makes me feel like I’m just back at home freezing, lol! All the Disney princesses, wonderful fairy-tale rides, spectacular night shows projected on Cinderella’s castle; and, of course, Mickey, was what made this trip a dream come true (oh, and BB8! My favorite!) ✨ I’m starting to speak like an avid Disney goer, but don’t let my attire fool you. I go like every 8 years nowadays (went more as a kid!). It was crazy how many rides and attractions were removed or remodeled that I remember being on as a kid; such as, Ariel’s grotto is completely renovated and relocated, and the Snow White ride and my favorite Minnie Mouse country house are both gone 😭. These will have to remain memories that I’ll keep locked up forever. Speaking of memories, there were attractions that petrified me as a kid, however! 🤣 The Bug’s Life, “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” show had creepy feelings of what felt like actual bugs underneath your seat! The Snow White ride scared me when the alligators would be lurking in the water along with the witch and eerie trees. I remember I went to Disney when they were having their 25th anniversary and the Cinderella castle was a pink cake!!! (link attached) I am pretty sure I have a really crappy, old photograph of that pink castle that I took on my Barbie camera when I was only three years old. Crazy how they will be coming up on 50 years pretty soon- that place will be MOBBED!!! But, nonetheless, I’m sure the celebration will be magnificent! 🏰 🎡 🎠 


West Coast of Florida

My friend and I had an amazing opportunity to visit a family friend on the west coast of Florida! We took advantage of spring break to take off and leave the state for a week! This was our first real getaway together that we have been dreaming about since we were young kids. I have never visited the west coast of Florida before but have heard so many amazing things about it making me excited for this trip! We stayed in a beautiful residential town outside of Sarasota, FL called Lakewood Ranch. Being close to Sarasota was a plus since there is so much to see and do and only a couple mile rides to some of the best beaches and hang out spots in that area. I can say the only downside to this trip was the weather, being that a storm passed up the entire east coast that week causing many places to drop some major degrees. We had a couple days of high 70’s which quickly became low 60’s with a lovely windchill causing temperatures in the 50’s. When it’s that cool in Florida you almost get a little shocked and do not know what to do, haha. We still had a positive outlook and made each day count and enjoyed every moment, making many more memories and insiders. I wanted to share some of my favorite places and things we did during that week.

 The beautiful beach of Siesta Key ♡ Obsessed with this beach and am so looking forward to returning!

Our favorite coffee lounge, Lélu in Siesta! Very relaxing atmosphere and some amazing cold brew iced coffee. They had the cutest outside seating in the front and back. Felt so nice having cold coffee and a warm sun all at once. The inside is more dim but very comfortable and chill.

The outside front seating

The back seating area where breakfast is served

Our table view

Probably the biggest pancake I have ever had!!! Bri and I went to order two pancakes and the waitress said, “you do NOT want two”. She mentioned how only one will overlap an entire plate that she showed us, hahaha.

What better place to fix up lipstick then a courtyard of a motel we are not even staying at? Things need to be compromised when you have no car and are left on a key with nowhere to go, haha! #nomad

Beautiful outdoor restaurant we passed in Siesta Key that we did not get to eat out but just the look of it made me want to try it out!

First henna! Been wanting one for sooo long and finally got one!

LOVED this café in Lakewood Ranch called Station 400. The décor was so beautiful and the food was just as good!

Blueberry & almond pancakes with some hot coffee 🙂

Longboat key was a beautiful place. This was one of the days the weather was acting up so we were not able to enjoy it to its full potential but I will be back!

My sista

Downtown Anna Maria Island- talk about adorable

St. Armands Circle- one of the most popular shopping areas

First time at a Tommy Bahama restaurant

The “Kissing Sailor” statue depicting the iconic 1945 image of a sailor planting a kiss on a nurse in downtown Sarasota!

Our second time visiting Siesta Key that week

First time having Godiva ice cream which I did not even know existed! Definitely happy I know now because although a bit pricey definitely worth it! We went to the UTC mall in Sarasota County which is one of the nicest malls I have ever been to. If you are ever in the area check it out!

Another favorite café was Kahwa Coffee that was recommended to us in the area and was a complete hit- their cappuccinos were so good (I am picky when it comes to cappuccino taste). Leaving this as the last photo since this is one of the last things we did.