New Her & Him Categories

Since I have just started this blog up, a lot is still coming to my mind on ways I can not only improve it but truly show who I am and what I love. One thing that I love most in life is my fiancé, Andrew. I wanted to incorporate him in someway since we basically do most of our adventuring together and also because he has a very good sense of style. He always impressed me with how he dressed and I did not want it to go unnoticed! I also knew he would be featured in a lot of my content anyway, since we will be together the rest of our lives, so I wanted to give him a section of his own, that I will still be the author of, so that I can reflect on his life just as much as my own.

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What does Delightful Distractions mean?

I love the internet and know it has been a true blessing for many of us in this day and age. However I know a lot of the internet can draw us away from our responsibilities. A lot of my spare time is usually spent researching, looking for ideas & inspiration, or checking social media online. That being said, I wanted my blog to represent the internet in a way that captivates ones focus with delight & charm.

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